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AVR Studio 5

About AVR Studio 5

AVR Studio 5 is a software development environment produced by Atmel for it's AVR 8-bits and 32-bits family of AVR microcontroller.

AVR Studio 6 will be replacing AVR Studio 5 going forward as such AVR Tutorials recommends doing all new developments in AVR Studio 6.

Starting AVR Studio 6

Some Features of AVR Studio 5

- It is a full software development environment with an editor, simulator, programmer, etc.

- It comes with its own integrated C compiler the AVR GNU C Compiler (GCC). As such you do not need a third party C compiler.

- It provides a single environment to develop programs for both the 8-bits and 32-bits AVR series of microcontrollers.

- Provides support for several programmers including the STK500, AVR Dragon, etc.